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 Land Information Systems

 Utilities and Networks

 Location Based Services


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Land Information Systems
  • Map Information Systems
  • Property Tax and Management
  • Municipal GIS
  • Urban Planning
  • Environment Mapping
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Agriculture Management
  • Watershed Management
  • Forestry and Habitat Mapping
Land Information Systems
Utilities and Networks
  • Gas Pipeline Network
  • Water Supply Network
  • Waste Water Routing Network
  • Electric Supply Network
  • Telephone Networking
  • Road/Rail Road Networking
  • Distribution Networking
  • Water Supply Network for Agriculture
  • Analysis for best efficiency
Utilities and Networks
Location Based Services
  • Automated Vehicle Locating Systems (AVLS)
  • BPO Services for Address Geocoding
  • Multipurpose Vehicle Tracking
  • Ideal Route for Delivery Vehicles
Location Based Services
  • 3D Urban Models
  • 3D Terrain Analysis
  • Cut-Fill Volumetric Analysis for Earthwork
  • Contour Mapping and DTM Generation
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