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Introduction to Cat-Risk Modeling Support
GIS Support Services for Catastrophe Risk Modeling by domain experts with more than a decade experience coupled with advanced application development capabilities in all leading platforms make us unique in the industry
Support services common to all models
  • Geo-Registration of Images
  • Digitization of Base Maps
  • Development of Parametric Maps
  • Data building to suit modeling
  • Data cleansing to suit modeling
  • Geo-coding
  • Mass Data Entry
Cat-Risk Modeling Support
Support for Earthquake Modeling
  • Classification of Geological and Soil Maps
  • Aggregation to admin boundaries using different weighting methods like Area weighted, Population weighted, Roughness weighted, Exposure weighted etc.
  • Cracking Down and Summing up to different Geo-coding levels
Cat-Risk Modeling Support
Support for Flood Modeling
  • Building of River Network suitable for modeling, spatial corrections to river networks, Synchronizing river network and DEM, Correcting spatial connectivity
  • Prepare rainfall database from isohyets maps and radar data
  • Generate historical flood database from flood maps
  • Generate flow database from flow/gauge data, perform analysis and develop derived data
  • Derive data as per requirement for industry standard tools like, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Mike Products, ArcHydro, WMS etc.
  • Watershed/Basin derivation from Terrain Models (DEM) and its corrections
  • Derivation of catchment parameters
  • Flow length computations, River Routing using standard methods
  • Modeled flood depth derivations under different scenarios
  • DEM Reconditioning to suit modeling
Cat-Risk Modeling Support
Support for Hurricane and Wind-Surge Modeling
  • Coastline definitions and derivations as per modeling requirements
  • Roughness derivation from satellite images, grouping and re-classification
  • Derivation of distance to cost
  • Aggregation to geocoding boundaries
Cat-Risk Modeling Support
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